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Friday Five2

I spent today shopping for future book club books and completing my meal planning, budget, and writing calendars for January, so I am prepped and ready for the new year. I will complete the obligatory year-in-review post on Sunday, but I’m looking forward to the year ahead. Here are some things that resonate with my 2017 and some things I’m excited about in 2018.

  1. I LOOOOVE this piece by Jess Zimmerman on Catapult on claiming your complexity. This sums up a lot of what I have journaled secretly in this year of wild. I’m still picking apart what to let loose and what to keep, if not hidden, then at least secluded.
  2. My favorite food author this year (and easily top five every other year I’ve been reading her) is Joy Wilson. I haven’t done as much cooking this year as in the past (my kitchen and I haven’t quite meshed yet. We have issues.), but her writing has made me remember that I do love it and will find my groove and get back to it someday. I love her blog. I loved both Over Easy (coffee, breakfast, and cocktails) and Homemade Decadence (soooo many desserts – it almost has me convinced I can make a cake and not screw it up).
  3. Modern Mrs. Darcy has her reading challenge for 2018 posted! Yay!
  4. So does Book Riot! Yay!
  5. And the thing I am looking forward to the most next month? The 24in48 Readathon! Good time to get a jump start on those reading challenges. Sign-ups are open. Let me know if you sign up so we can read together. I mean, not together. Separately in our own houses. But at the same time.

What are you looking forward to in the next month?


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My #24in48 Recap


*theme music to Rocky playing in background*

I have been excited about this weekend since I heard about it in early July, and it lived up to my every expectation. The only way this weekend could have been better is if I had taken my books to a hotel with good room service near a beach. Maybe next time.

To prepare to read for 24 of the 48 hours in a weekend, I gathered a lot of books. I expected that I would read a little bit from most of them, switching things up as my attention waned. This was not the case for most of the time, though. I finished A Year in Provence, and then I savored Milk and Honey, reading it slowly and in the case of some of the poems, over and over. I finished the day (erm, next morning – it was definitely after sunrise when I went to sleep) devouring Love, Loss, and What We Ate. My reading on day two, however, was a little more like I’d planned. I listened to most of Roxane Gay’s Hunger on audio while cleaning, read the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay and Nayyirah Waheed, and spent a half hour here and there on several other items on my read-next list.

What I learned from reading all weekend:

  1. Is there a job where I can do this all the time? I feel like I’d be fantastic at it.
  2. 24 hours, even with breaks, is a loooong time to sit. Fine. I relent. Audiobooks can be your friend.
  3. It’s been really easy to eat well this weekend. It turns out that holding a book distracts me/keeps my hands busy enough that I don’t eat mindlessly. I’m almost annoyed that my secret to eating better is something as fun and simple as reading a lot. It seems I could have figured that out a while ago.
  4. I need poetry. I’ve been super stressed out lately, but halfway through Milk and Honey, I was completely relaxed. And those are not exactly soothing verses. There’s something about the way poetry captures language that slows me down and quiets me. I prescribe more poetry reading.
  5. I can’t speak for all writers, but for me, reading inspires writing. In addition to reading for a whole day, I have written more – poetry, my fiction WIP, future blog posts – this weekend than the rest of the days this month combined. I’m thinking of starting a practice of one wordy weekend a month. Oh, introvert bliss!

I loved this weekend. It was just what I needed.


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photo (3)

This is how the best dinner parties start.

“Which five bookish people (or animals, I’m not picky) would be around your perfect literary dinner table?”

  1. Britt-Marie, from Britt-Marie was Here. She would be right on time, and she would approve of my cutlery drawer. We could be nerdy about that together.
  2. Ernest Hemingway. I would seat him next to Britt-Marie. They would either go to great lengths to hold each other in detached but respectful regard or they would despise each other, resulting in her prim, passive-aggressive jabs and his outright roguish responses. Either way, entertaining for all. Dinner and a show.
  3. Peeta from The Hunger Games. He would be a charming, polite dinner guest. Someone to balance out the chaos happening across the table. Also, he would probably bring fresh baked bread.
  4. Mark Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. But only if he looked like the Colin Firth version. Because Colin Firth.
  5. The Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland. Perhaps the reason he had so much trouble staying awake at the tea party was that he simply wasn’t getting enough caffeine. Let me introduce you to my coffee, sir.

Who would be at your literary dinner party?

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Day 2 – #24in48

photo 1 (1)

This was my favorite challenge thus far – spine poetry.

It’s Day Two of the 24in48 Readathon, and I’m going to make it! I’ve finished three books:

  • A Day in Provence by Peter Mayle
  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
  • Love, Loss, and What We Ate by Padma Lakshmi

Today’s reading is going to be a combination of

  • The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde
  • The audiobook of Hunger by Roxane Gay (because 24 hours is A LOT of sitting)
  • Pieces posted in my mastermind group’s Google drive

I’ve consisted on a diet of spinach and goat cheese lasagna, potatoes dressed with onions and various sauces (inspired by Padma Lakshmi), oatmeal, and all the coffee I have in the house.

Thanks to all that coffee, I reached hour fifteen early this morning before napping.

photo 2

Nine hours to go!

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This is what the majority of my weekend is going to look like.

Intro Survey:

Where in the world are you reading from this weekend?
In Denton, Texas – at home with the air conditioner

Have you done the 24in48 readathon before?
Nope – first time!

Where did you hear about the readathon, if it is your first?
A friend posted about it on Facebook.

What book are you most excited about reading this weekend?
Jasper Fforde’s The Big Over Easy

Tell us something about yourself.
I write and read mostly fiction, but I like something from most genres. Winter is my favorite season. And if coffee were a person, I would marry it.

Remind us where to find you online this weekend.
Twitter (@coffeesnob318), Instagram (@_coffeesnob_), and here on the blog.

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Interlude #24in48

photo 2 (18)

Just one of my book stacks for this weekend. My whole table is covered with them. I’m too excited. I may just read 30 minutes in each one. THERE ARE TOO MANY BOOKS TO READ HOW CAN I POSSIBLY CHOOSE?!

We interrupt our regularly (if you use that term loosely) scheduled Friday Five to talk about books. I am participating in 24in48 this weekend (which you can read about here and sign up for here if you want to participate online). And yes – I will be reading for 24 hours. I have been training my whole life for just such an event.

photo 3 (14)

I imagine a weekend full of coffee and tea and wine and cereal and leftovers from the lasagna I am making tonight. I am going to be reading some old favorites (The Eyes of the Dragon was my first Stephen King novel. I haven’t read it since sixth grade.), some poetry (I highly recommend Milk and Honey), and of course, foodie books that I’ve been neglecting for too long (Padma Lakshmi is my spice hero).

photo 1 (12)

I hope to get to some of the nonfiction I have been meaning to read, if for no other reason than it’s time to take them back to the library. Non-fiction is rarely my go-to read (foodie books and cookbooks the notable exception), but maybe I can make it a closer friend this weekend.

photo (1)

There will probably be times when I am reading some of the treasures on my e-reader. I have a tendency to forget about these since they don’t take up physical space on my bookshelf (as evidenced by my only having read 37% of Hidden Figures, even though I started it months ago). Maybe I’ll finish the ones I’ve started this weekend.

I will spend at least two hours reading selections from my Mastermind writers group and hopefully having useful feedback to give there. A few friends have had books come out recently (or will have books coming out in the next few months), and I’m going to spend a few hours reading some of them.

Part of participating online is posting in the spaces I’ve selected to be a part of the weekend, so you’ll see posts here, on Instagram, and on Twitter, answering prompts, completing challenges, and updating you on how it’s going.

Let me know if you’re going to join!

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